2015 in Images

2015 was a turbulent year for the constructors of the Gemini offshore wind park. From manufacturing and transporting 150 Monopiles, 150 Transition Pieces, 2 Jackets and 2 Offshore High Voltage Stations (OHVS), to installing 150 foundations in 110 days. Laying 200 kilometres of export cable plus almost 100 infield cables, the construction of the Onshore High Voltage Station and the pièce de résistance, the installation of the Jackets and OHVS.


The jackets leave the Port of Vlissingen en route to their

destination on the offshore wind park



Laying the export cable in the shallow section of

the Wadden Sea



Construction of the Onshore High Voltage Stations

in Eemshaven



Monopiles and Transition Pieces are lifted onto Van Oord’s vessel Aeolus

and installed at the offshore wind park



The offshore High Voltage Stations are installed in their final

place at the wind park



Manufacture, transport and installation of the Transition Pieces.

The wind turbines will be installed on this in 2016